‘Alright, Alright, Alright’ – 7 Favorite Matthew McConaughey Moments

It was a long day, a long week, a long year, really. The Master Procrastinator Award of 2022 (or even the Lifetime Achievement Award of said category) should definitely go to me — shame, shame, shame —so here I am on a rainy November evening, sitting down in my kitchen with a cup of steaming lavender tea to break the cycle.

I could — therefore should — — therefore will — write about heavy stuff, serious stuff; stuff that will be hard to write about and, hopefully, that will be of value for those who stumble upon this site. Tonight, however, let me just marvel at one shining star of Tinseltown and raise my virtual glass to Mr. Matthew McConaughey who was born on 4 November 1969!

7. The Wolf of Wall Street

6. The Beach Bum

5. Dazed and Confused

4. True Detective

3. Dallas Buyers Club

2. Contact

1. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

And the plus one (DUH):

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