What I Do

As you can see in the Articles section, I used to be a magazine editor. Though I switched to a more corporate environment, later on, I’ve kept working as a freelancer as well. In the past 6-8 years, I have had the opportunity to support a diverse range of businesses. Sometimes, it’s about boosting up a website with more attractive copy. Some clients want to work with a reliable blogger. They have one thing in common: they all want to invest in the type of content that can deliver long-term results.

Every project is unique. This is what I appreciate the most about being able to work as a journalist/copywriter/blogger.

I can always discover new topics, find new ways to provide creative solutions. And during the process? I get to meet great people from all walks of life!

To name a few areas of my previous projects:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • beauty industry
  • gastronomy
  • gardening
  • construction business
  • legal services
  • webshops

What I Can Do for Your Business

As you can see, some of these areas are quite specific. Therefore, I really had to step up my game to deliver attractive yet authentic content. Sometimes I even write speeches for directors to use at international events!

What I can promise you: I will do my best to get familiar with your company’s past and present. Then help you build its future.

I would like to understand your needs and visions. I want to find the words that can reflect your company’s values, mission. I will do my best to help you tell your story and what you stand for.

When it comes to relationships, private or business, communication is key. Especially now, when we take one look at a website or Facebook page and form our opinion within a few seconds. With everything you say about yourself, you take risks. (Even with a messy website and a bunch of typos, believe me, you say a lot.) You can either gain or lose the trust of someone, a potential collaborator, an employee, or a customer.

Imagine that your website is a physical space, a showroom, or your office. You would want to make it neat, accessible, authentic. You wouldn’t want people to take one look and walk away. Making a great first impression is more important than ever.